Our mission

Advanced Bio-Oil Technologies Limited (ABOT) is providing the various industries a platform to produce bio-oil at will using any supply of biodegradable carbon molecule. Whether it would be for the biodiesel industry, the cosmetic or pharmaceutical this process producing more and better bio-oils.

The biodegradable carbon molecule come from any type of vegetation or waste refute and creates lipids of that specie.

Facilities that produce biodiesel will no longer be at the mercy of agricultural crops for their feedstock. They will have the ability to get their feedstock from any agricultural waste that is available. The technologies can also use effluent waters that contain carbon molecules to produce lipids.

It can also create bio-oils that are used in the cosmetic and pharmaceutical industry at an efficient cost.

The benefits are that we can operate a facility quite easily in a small space and produce large quantities of lipids or bio-oil for the biofuel industry. It takes 123,550 acres of land to produce 13.2 million gallons, whereas it takes 50,000 square feet facility to produce the same number of gallons.


Forward looking: ABOT will be producing vegetable oil in factories via fermenters:

  • Produce bio-oils at stable quality and at a lower cost for pharmaceuticals and cosmetics products;
  • At lower cost than restaurant waste oil sold at market price;
  • Stable quality (unlike the waste oil from restaurants);
  • Allowing biodiesel to be produced at reduce cost avoiding pre-processing oils (esterification);
  • Giving value to glycerin (a by-product of biodiesel production);
  • Producing good Bio-oils quality for cosmetics;
  • Producing Bio-Oils for the Pharmaceutical – for human wellness.

To produce biodiesel, you need vegetable oil or animal fats. Waste oils restaurants contain water and / or solids in suspension and / or a high level of FFA (free fatty acid). Before producing biodiesel, we do a pre-treatment of the oils (esterification). Each restaurant waste oil delivered is analyzed and the
esterification recipe is based on the results of each analysis.

The oils produced in fermenters by ABOT can avoid these costly operations and go directly to the
biodiesel production stage.